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Welcome to The Dhanvantari College

Founded by Dhanistha Devi Dasi. As the Principal of the College, Dhanistha has worked around the world during her career of over 25 years as a homeopath.   She brings together multiple approaches and outstanding methods which enable students to confidently step up to the mark.  This personal experience provides the wealth and colour of a life spent in exploring and practising homeopathy.  The Dhanvantari College provide high-quality training in homeopathy.  As with everything homeopathic it provides a distinctly personal touch in terms of teaching and support. 

Our Homeopathic Practitioner training lasts for two years and takes place two days a month, over a weekend, for ten months of the year.  Clinical training commences in Year One.  The Dhanvantari College also offers the same qualification via distance learning with encouragement to participate in clinic discussion via Skype.

The College covers all methodologies of homeopathy including Aperture Prescribing (TM)  which was specifically created by the College Principal, Dhanistha Devi Dasi.

At The Dhanvantari College we are proud of the level of individual support that we give to our students.  We work on the premise that small is better.  The smaller, more intimate setting affords us an opportunity to really get to know our students and creates the setting for both learning and personal transformation.  These are equal partners in becoming a homeopath.   A homeopath is a mediator, translator and interpreter of information, both subtle and obvious.    It takes a unique commitment and high level of integrity to reach this place.

Teaching Staff (2014):  Dhanistha Devi Dasi (Principal),  Satyaa S. Lohman & Elzette Harper.

Specialist Teaching Personal Development:  Leonie Marks 

Counselling, Coaching and Personal Development:  Su Pilkington

Administration  & Public Relations:  Jane Harvey



 Our Low Cost Student Clinics are  run by students who are supervised by fully qualified homeopaths.

Adults: Consult and remedies $50.00

Children: Consult and remedies $30.00

Student Clinics: 

For Information  :  (02) 80058205 

  We also offer Skype and Telephone Consultations. 


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